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Why You Should Upgrade Your Luxury Door to a Security Door

The majority of our clients contact us because they’re looking for a security door — but not just any security door. They also want a beautiful luxury front door, bedroom door, or sliding glass door. Fortunately for them, we can make all of these dreams come true.  Sometimes people call looking for a custom front door and end up also getting a sliding door and a fire door so they can secure every entrance and exit point. Once they realize that we can create beautiful doors, they see that the upgrade from “beautiful door” to “security door” just makes sense.  And when they’re one and the same? It’s the perfect solution. Here’s why you should upgrade your custom luxury front door to a security door. Public Access and Safety People building new luxury homes or purchasingRead more
Why You Should Upgrade Your Luxury Door to a Security Door

Custom Garage Doors: Creating an Impenetrable Fortress

Luxury homes should be flawless sanctuaries. Home is where you go after a long day (or week) at work to relax and unwind. It’s the place where you shouldn’t have to worry about something being off. After all, you’ve certainly paid enough for it — it shouldn’t be anything less than perfection. And part of that perfection is making it completely secure.  One of the weak points of any home is the garage. Luxury homes are likely to be made with more durable materials than builder’s grade homes, but even so, it’s an opening (or two or three) to your home that isn’t entirely secure. Between the garage door, a regular man-door as a side entrance to your garage, and a fire door leading into your home, you’ve created quite a few potential failure points inRead more
Custom Garage Doors: Creating an Impenetrable Fortress

What Your Luxury Front Door Says About Your Home

The average person might not give much thought to their front door. In their daily lives, they might not even use their front door — they only open it when someone is visiting. The reality of the matter is that you don’t often see your front door, much less devote time to thinking about it.  However, your luxury front door isn’t intended for you. It’s there for everyone else. What it looks like — the color, the size, the shape — is all meant for other people to look at. The front door is an important aspect in the overall facade of your home.  What Your Front Door Says About You As our favorite architect will tell you, it’s actually not about the door. It runs much deeper than that. Since long before history was well-documented, frontRead more
What Your Luxury Front Door Says About Your Home


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