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How are Custom Security Doors Made?

Our clients have a lot of questions regarding how our custom security doors are made — specifically, they wonder why it takes so long.  We understand the frustration in needing to wait. Once you’ve designed your home security door, you don’t want to wait for weeks before it can be installed. While we’ve explained this to many people, we thought it would be best to get it all down in writing.  We’re extremely proud of our work, and of the artisans in Italy who hand-make our steel security doors. Their work is meticulous and very difficult, which means that they can’t rush it. And of course, perfection takes time.  Here’s how custom security doors are made, what steps of the process take the most time, and what you can expect from FBS. Step 1: Quote andRead more
How are Custom Security Doors Made?

Covering Your Home Security Doors with Platinum Level Service

People often see us as a door and window company, but that’s not actually the case. Sure, we make security doors and windows for luxury homes, but we’re a security company that sells doors and windows. Our top priority at all times is making sure your doors and windows are 100% secure 100% of the time because when they’re not, lives are at risk.  We understand the gravity and the importance of the products we create, and given that our entire reputation is banked on our doors and windows being completely functional and secure, we want to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases for many years to come.  To that end, we’ve decided to expand upon a program we’ve had in place for quite some time now.  Starting January 2020, we will beRead more
Covering Your Home Security Doors with Platinum Level Service

Can I Have a Security Window Wall?

FBS is mostly known for our custom security doors, which is understandable — the doors are more “interesting” in that it seems like they’re more fun to design. There are covering options and ways to put glass inserts into the door, and the possibility of secret compartments. Of course people get excited about designing a custom security door. What our clients don’t typically realize is that our custom security windows are just as exciting to design. It’s just that when the design is executed perfectly (as ours always is), it’s actually invisible.  We love designing custom windows for our clients, whether it’s a glass insert in a door, a luxury sliding door, or an entire window wall. Here’s what you need to know about FBS windows as you’re designing the luxury home of your dreams. YouRead more
Can I Have a Security Window Wall?


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