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How Luxury Door Handles Can Transform Your Security Door

At Fortified and Ballistic Security, we make custom security doors and windows. It’s something we’re very passionate about, and have dedicated a significant amount of time perfecting. We help people build the doors that complete their dream luxury home, and we enjoy it more than we can say. While the process itself is similar each time, the end result is always unique to the homeowner. One of the coolest parts about the design process is picking out hardware. Luxury door handles and knobs become the jewelry of the door. They can become statement pieces that draw attention, or complementary pieces that don’t detract from a deliberately elaborate design on the rest of the door. Read More

Why Pivot Doors are Perfect for Luxury Homes

Our clientele is not your typical shopper. We’re not working with people trying to buy doors in bulk for their new upper-middle-class home. We’re working with people who are looking to create custom doors for their luxury home. They can afford to spend time and money creating something unique. Something one of a kind. And for that, we (almost) always recommend pivot doors. Read More

The Perfect Luxury Doors and Windows for Your Dream Home

Luxury homes are all unique. In fact, we’re willing to bet that no two are the same. Even if the floorplans are similar, once the homeowners move in and put their personal touches on the home, it will be its own animal. We may be biased (but only a little bit) when we say that the doors and windows you choose for your luxury home can dramatically change the way it looks and feels. That may sound overly dramatic, but hear us out. Read More

Luxury Home Security: Where to Find the Experts

When we founded Fortified & Ballistic Security all those years ago, it was because we saw a critical gap in the luxury home security market. We’d seen luxury home design and automation from multiple angles, but the security solutions the homeowners were using were far from adequate. We’ve been doing this for so long — and are coming at it with such a unique background — that we’ve managed to become experts in luxury home security. And when we have our own knowledge gaps, we don’t fake it, and we don’t lie to you. Instead, we call in other experts so we can be sure you’re getting the best service possible. Read More
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