Why We Don’t Use Dealers For Our Luxury Home Security Doors

Why We Don’t Use Dealers For Our Luxury Home Security Doors



People often ask us why we don’t sell our luxury home security doors and windows through third party dealers. 

It’s a fair question, and because we get it so often from potential clients, we thought we’d take the time to discuss why this is the case. 

We can get into the details, but a lot of the reason has to do with the fact that we sell a very unique product. 

We don’t have a “lane” to stay in. We’re not a window company. We’re not a door company. We’re not a tech company. But we do sell all of those things. 

The issue is that no one else makes what we do. No one else takes these components and uses them in the way we do.

While there are other companies that make home security doors, they don’t make what we make. They might make the wrought iron or steel security doors you see on the outsides of homes or businesses, but those aren’t even a little bit comparable to what we’re making. The same goes for the steel security bars on windows — it’s not in the same ballpark.

The thing is, we have tried working with dealers. While it’s nice to get some extra sales here and there, we found that the clients weren’t as satisfied with their purchases as they were when they went through us. 

They’re Not Security Experts

Window and Door Dealers

We say all the time that we’re not a door and window manufacturer. We do build doors and windows, but we’re really a security company that specializes in doors and windows.A photo of a bedroom security door leading to the master suite in a luxury home.How most companies operate is that they manufacture doors and windows and then sell them through dealers — and we can’t expect window and door dealers to be security experts. It’s just not what their business is. They’re spending their time improving their products, not educating themselves about the improvements in ours and all the ways we’re working to keep our clients safer. They certainly have installers that could install our doors and windows, but the manufacturers themselves wouldn’t have the experience necessary to customize your windows and doors for the security level you need. 

Locksmiths and Security Systems Dealers

You’d think it makes sense for us to affiliate with locksmiths or companies that specialize in security systems — we all work in security, right?To some extent that’s true. We’re all working with the same goal of keeping people safe in their homes (though, admittedly, we’re not huge fans of consumer security systems and alarms). However, the problem remains that they don’t know anything about security doors and windows. While locksmiths would be able to install a lock that is more difficult to pick or bump, an intruder could simply break down the door.And alarm systems aren’t stopping anyone from breaking into your house — they’re just alerting you when it happens. Even then, they’ll alert a security company before contacting police, so they’re adding in a step before help is on the way. They aren’t going to be able to help you design and install home security doors and windows because that’s not their area of expertise. 

Safe Installers 

We’ve also tried working with safe installers. Safe installers largely work with clients who need a run-of-the-mill fireproof safe for important documents, as well as gun owners looking for safe storage options. They know a few things about secure installation, but their job isn’t about aesthetics or advanced technology. For the most part, safes are hidden, so no one is worried about what they look like. And in terms of technology, the most complex thing they need to be worried about on a consumer level is a battery that powers the readout. (If that.) 

Technology Installers

We’ve also worked with audio visual installers, and while they are very well informed in technology and architectural integration, they don’t know security like we do. Really, you can’t expect them to be — there aren’t enough hours in the day to stay up to date in multiple specialties like that. Security is a constantly moving target because criminals will constantly be looking for ways to get around the measures people have put in place. Our job is to keep up with this, but it’s not a tech installer’s job. They’re very good at what they do (along with every other industry expert we’ve mentioned here), but they’re just not good at what we do. When we need their expertise, we call them and ask for their assistance. This is why we choose to partner with companies like the ones listed here — we send people who need their services to them and they send people who need security to us.

The Design for Home Security Doors is Critical

One of the most unique aspects of purchasing home security doors or windows from FBS is that they’re completely bespoke from start to finish. Our doors are designed by talented architectural designers with thousands of hours of combined experience. Not only have they worked as architects, but they have an exquisite eye for design, which makes them perfect for our team. A photo of double security doors leading into a master bedroom suite in a luxury home.Our clients are in a unique position in that they can afford to have basically whatever they want. If they want backlit marble on their front door, they can have it. If they want leather on their bedroom door, they can have it.But if we were to go through dealers, we’d have to mold ourselves to fit a less customized model. We do not operate via dropdown menus. You cannot build one of our home security doors like you would a bear in a shopping mall. There are simply too many options and variables in play.The entire point of our home security doors and windows is to have a product that is completely customizable to exactly what you want and need. That could mean hurricane certification as well as security protection, or security protection plus fire rating, or security and ballistic protection. And that’s just what’s on the inside.The parts of your door that our homeowners and their guests see every day are critical — and not just because you want them to be flawless. They also hide the fact that you have a security door in the first place. (You don’t want the bad guys to know your security plans ahead of time, do you?)Our luxury home security doors can look any way you want them to. They can be statement pieces on your master bedroom suite, stunning front doors, or exact replicas of existing doors in your home so that no one will be the wiser than any of them are different. If we went through a dealer, all of these important aspects — and the expertise we utilize in order to advise clients — gets pushed aside. Dealers are dealing in volume because that’s how they make their money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s not how FBS works. 

We Ship Home Security Doors Worldwide

We understand that some people feel more comfortable walking into a place of business and speaking directly to the owner or designer. Because our main headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida, we can’t always get together with potential clients right away — we may have to wait until we’ve signed a contract and are doing measurements or a site survey. But in the 21st century when video conferencing is practically second nature, we don’t find that much of that connection is lost. We can meet you virtually at first, and then in person later.A photo of three sets of french doors leading out to a patio outside a luxury home. It truly doesn’t matter where you are, or where your luxury home is located because we can ship anywhere in the world. While the U.S. is our largest market, we’ve shipped as far as Jamaica (remember, our doors and windows are made in Italy, so that’s a bit of a haul). Regardless of where your luxury home is, we’ll have an expert on hand when your doors and/or windows are being installed to answer questions, make sure everything is done properly, and program anything that needs to be programmed. If you go through a dealer, you’ll be working with them — you wouldn’t necessarily have access to our expertise on installation day, or otherwise.

Comprehensive Security Expertise and Service

Finally — and perhaps most importantly — keeping our clients directly instead of working through dealers is really in our clients’ best interest. We have a better level of expertise than any external dealer ever could, and the way we apply this knowledge to our doors and windows is simply unmatched.In many respects, this is a quality control issue. If a dealer sells one of our doors and the homeowner isn’t satisfied with their purchase, or the installation didn’t go properly, it’s really our problem. It’s our responsibility (not necessarily legally, but ethically) to fix this problem, and doing so is likely to be very expensive. We’d rather take care of it ourselves so that we can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need, that it gets installed properly, and that it’s properly maintained so the integrity is preserved.We can understand why people may be frustrated that they have to go through us in order to get our home security doors and windows, rather than a contractor they already know and trust. Choosing vendors for a home remodel or a new build can be a very stressful and frustrating prospect, so when you find someone you’re comfortable with, you want to stick with them.We get it. We really do. But the bottom line is that third-party dealers don’t know about our products the way that we do — and frankly speaking, they never will. It’s not that they lack the intelligence to do so, it’s that they can’t dedicate the time necessary to do so. Audio visual installers need to be worried about cable runs, technical knowledge regarding loss transmission, and signal flow. (And obviously, technology updates quickly — keeping informed is a full-time job.)Safe and security alarm installers will be worried about camera placement, structural integrity of the place the safe is kept, and making sure the system is properly set up to notify the security company in the event of an emergency.These third party dealers are industry experts — just in a different industry. We use trusted companies (a very select few, due to security reasons) to supplement our expertise, such as with comprehensive security services. A photo of a woman walking through her dining room in front of a massive window wall displaying the mountains behind her.The experts at LionHeart International Services Group have backgrounds that span the security gamut, from former police officers to soldiers to Homeland Security personnel to Secret Service agents. We might know everything there is to know about keeping dangerous people out of your house, but we aren’t claiming to be comprehensive security experts.LionHeart doesn’t focus solely on keeping bad guys out. They’re going to help you plan for every possible security breach, including data protection, natural disaster planning (i.e. hurricane, tornado, etc), fire escape routes and plans, and any other unique situation that you may find yourself in. They lead clients through a complete security assessment, determining what weaknesses exist in their current security plans, and helping develop a new strategy if necessary. They can also help you figure out what you actually need, versus what some companies might just be trying to sell you.Even so, our partnership with them doesn’t involve them selling our home security doors and windows. If their clients could benefit from our services, they introduce the client to us and we all work together to find salutations that best suit their needs. The same goes for us — when we speak to clients who could benefit from LionHeart’s services, we bring them into the conversation so they can help you formulate a security strategy that makes sense for your situation.This is how we work with all of our third parties. We don’t want to pretend to have their expertise, and they don’t pretend to have ours. It’s not a matter of pride — it’s literally a matter of your security, and we take that very seriously. 

Getting Started on Your Luxury Home Security Doors

We’re very proud of our luxury home security doors and windows. We’re proud of the Italian craftsmanship that goes into each custom door, of the American innovation that went into designing them, of the Florida-made custom door pulls, and of the German facial recognition technology. No one else is doing what we’re doing. No one else understands how our products are designed, built, and installed to fit each client’s lifestyle and preferences. And if that’s the case, why would we trust anyone else to sell our products?If you’re ready to start talking about design, we’d love for you to give us a call. We’d love to hear about your plans for your luxury home, what kind of aesthetic you’re going for, and where you’re located. Whether you’re planning a renovation on an existing home, or starting from scratch, we can help you turn your luxury home into your dream home.For more information, please check out our doors page, where you can learn more about our door models, technology and convenience options, structural upgrades, and covering options. If you’re interested in windows, you can read more about those here. We even have a budget calculator so you can determine if the options you want are within your budget.Be sure to look at our top-of-the-line technology, which not only keeps you safe, but makes your life easier every single day. Through home automation and integration, your home will be designed around you — not the other way around. To see our products in action, you can check out our videos.We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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