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Axolotl produces custom finishes in unique way that allows the surface to retain all the properties without any of the limitations. This process was invented over 25 years, and they have been perfecting and improving it ever since. They can create almost anything in metal, concrete, terracotta, stone, wood or even glass. They have created custom finishes in unique projects all over the world.

Axolotl is the worldwide leader in custom surfaces.

Axolotl and FBS

Creativity and integrity have always driven Axolotl, be it designing, manufacturing processes or how they work with clients. We have shared philosophy of doing things that are truly custom and we love to have our boundaries pushed. As we say, “these are not samples they are examples”, we like every surface and door to be a unique creation. We immediately found a common bond in these core principles. The pairing of the most technologically advanced, strongest security door ever produced with museum level finishes of Axolotl creates something so unique it cannot be duplicated anywhere for any price. The partnership has transformed “Beauty and the Beast” to the “Beauty is a Beast”.

Perfecting the Art of Partnership

Design solutions for architects, designers & builders

Our partnership with Axolotl is more than a shared passion for producing the best-in-class product. Though our partnership we have been able to create things that were impossible even a few years ago. Axolotl makes it possible for us to much bigger seamless panels of unique finishes, with 3D printing and routing every door can have its very own character and style and no two doors will ever be alike. Because of the unique structure of FBS doors we can offer different finishes on each side of the door. We have also done our own special finishes like porcelain, marble, and leather as well as doors with backlit precious stones. When combined with Axolotl, we can only create the most beautiful security door, but truly the most beautiful doors of any kind.


More than 58 design awards and nominations since 1997

Examples of Axolotl coverings

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible


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