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Make Your Walls Bullet-Proof

Discreet ballistic-rated hardening technology

High security doors and windows are just two of the cornerstones of building an impenetrable fortress. The other two are biometrics and hardening technology, like BallistiCrete. This hardening product is sprayed or plastered (depending on desired thickness) onto nearly any wall surface your luxury home or office building is made from — cinder block, drywall, plaster, or stucco.

BallistiCrete can be applied at various thicknesses that provide increasing levels of ballistic security:


When BallistiCrete is applied to a wall, it follows a crystalline growth pattern and quite literally grows into the substrate, forming a permanent bond. For retrofitting into existing homes, BallistiCrete can be sprayed onto the wall.

Conversely, you could also have the entire wall constructed from BallistiCrete. This is ideal for new builds, additions, or renovations.

Clients often ask us if we can truly make their luxury homes bulletproof. Thanks to BallistiCrete, we’re proud to say we can.

BallistiCrete eliminates structural vulnerability

Invisibly Invulnerable

Unlike other bulletproofing products, BallistiCrete is completely invisible. It shares all the same properties as any other construction material — you can paint over it, hang pictures or art on it — except that it’s bulletproof. The beauty of it is that no one will ever notice that it’s not a regular wall.

Even BallistiCrete installation is discreet. Workers will enter the home with nondescript buckets and trowels — something completely unremarkable on a construction site. Even someone trying to pay attention to the comings and goings of construction workers won’t notice the difference.

Keeping your security measures as close to the vest as possible is of the utmost importance to many of our clients, and therefore, it’s a top priority for us as well. BallistiCrete is the perfect addition to your luxury home because it won’t force you to compromise on design aesthetics or security.


Environmentally Conscious

Another important differentiating factor of BallistiCrete is that it’s entirely environmentally friendly. The inventors of BallistiCrete were adamant that they wanted to create a product that helped end users as well as the people who make it.

Not only does the actual creation of the product have a low impact on the environment, but it doesn’t endanger the lives of people who make it, and the final installed material will not inflict harm to the planet later on.


Fire-proof (will not produce smoke when exposed to flame)
Zero VOCs
No CO2 emitted during production
No silica sand (in most plaster and linked to cancer)


One of the cheapest ways to "bulletproof" walls is to install a film, but the major issue with this idea (aside from the fact that it’s not nearly as elegant) is that the film is made of fiberglass and is toxic when it burns.

But not BallistiCrete.

Withstands Extreme Testing

Flattens bullets, stands up to fire, mold/mildew resistant, and more

Home security is only as strong as the weakest link. In many cases, the weakest links are the walls. Of course, BallistiCrete solves that problem.

This incredible technology will turn your walls into impenetrable forces — bullets will not get through, high pressure winds will not knock it down, fire will not destroy it, and mold will not eat it away. It’s the perfect way to fully fortify your space. And you don’t even have to change your architectural or interior design plans.


Firearms Resistance

Complete stoppage when tested against 9mm, 357 magnum, .44, .45, 30.06, .30AP, 7.62, and even .50 caliber weapons

Flame Resistance

Complete ASTM E84 testing yielded zero flame spread or smoke and is non-combustible

Pressure Resistance

Able to withstand up to 9000 PSI of pressure per ASTM C109 testing

Mold Resistance

Resists mold and mildew growth per ASTM G21 test


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