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Pivot Door

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What Is "La Ribalta"?

The world's most advanced security-certified pivot door

Coming in at sizes up to 8 feet wide and up to 13 feet tall, the La Ribalta pivot door is a feat of modern science that no other pivot door can claim.  Available with a fully motorized lock, hidden closer, and state of the art technology, this record-setting door dwarfs previously set records for pivot doors that passed the rigors of hurricane testing.

The largest hurricane certified, oversized pivot door in the world
Available at up to 80” wide and 125” tall (we can oversize)
Ballistic-capable, virtually intruder-immune
The most technologically advanced door
Can be fully motorized
Exquisite, custom finishes on both sides

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Awe-Inspiring Beauty & Intelligence

La Ribalta Pivot Doors Protect The World's Most Beautiful Homes

La Ribalta Pivot Door covered in wood
La Ribalta Pivot Door covered in marble
La Ribalta Pivot Door with glass
La Ribalta Pivot Door covered in back-lit onyx

Hundreds Of Covering Options

Our doors can be clad in fine leather, wood, fine stone, and so much more!

Maintain Complete Control
With Sanctuary Management

Control your home from anywhere via mobile & stationary devices

Lock or unlock your door from anywhere

Check the status and lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world

Entry attempt notification

Active notifications, such as entry attempts through your high-security door

Locking scheduler

Auto-lock features to lock and unlock your door(s) on a schedule

Motorized Luxury

Expertly crafted motors automate the opening and closing of your door

Imagine walking up to your front door and having your home recognize you, welcoming you by unlocking and gracefully opening the door as you approach. This convenient feature, combined with our Sanctuary Management system, gives FBS door owners the ability to open, close, and monitor their door from anywhere in the world.

State-of-the-art AI-driven facial recognition features can be combined with motorization to allow for seamless entry for you and your family, without ever having to interact with the door.


Ballistic-Rated Security Upgrades

Bullet & burglar-proof your entryway

Ballistic Level 1

Level 1 is our baseline bulletproof and burglar-proof structural upgrade. It ensures no one will shoot through your high security door with a typical 9mm handgun. We know because we’ve tested it.

The Ballistic Level 1 upgrade is certified UL752 Level 1 and EN1522 FB2

Ballistic Level 2

Level 2 is our most popular ballistic structural upgrade. It ensures your high security door will be both burglar-proof and bulletproof from a .44 Magnum and beyond, which covers an overwhelming majority of commercially available firearms. It’s our best value, and one we recommend to anyone who has received personal threats.

The Ballistic Level 2 upgrade is certified UL752 Level 3 and EN1522 FB4.

Ballistic Level 3

Level 3 is our highest standard of ballistic security. It is designed to withstand high power ammunition from weapons like an AK-47 and beyond. While it may be a bit much for some people, for those who feel they need it, it allows for peace of mind that nothing else can provide.

The Ballistic Level 3 upgrade is certified UL752 Level 7 and EN1522 FB5.

Protecting The Globe.

FBS Now Ships & Installs Anywhere In The World.

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