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Sanctuary™ Management

Enhance your security with high-tech upgrades, including facial recognition, motorized locks, complete door motorization, hidden or visible proximity sensing, and more — all designed to secure your environment in an effortless, unobtrusive manner.

We offer complete control via mobile app and/or touchscreen interface for our Sanctuary Management System that allows you to control and manage your security from anywhere. You will also be actively notified of specific changes, like if someone tries to enter through your high security door. The interface is simple to use, but extremely powerful.


Our motorized locks are the ultimate option in speed and convenience. Lock or unlock your high security door in less than 2 seconds. When combined with our Stealth Closer, your door will close and lock by default. If you choose to upgrade any of your doors with keyless entry options, motorized locks are a requirement.

Powerful Control Options
Door Status

(Open or closed)

Lock Status

(Locked or unlocked)

Remote Control

(Lock or unlock)


(Enable or disable)

* All of these options can be seen and controlled from any touch screen or mobile device, depending upon software package selected.

Motorized Luxury

Expertly crafted motors automate the opening and closing of your door

Imagine walking up to your front door and having your home recognize you, welcoming you by unlocking and gracefully opening the door as you approach. This convenient feature, combined with our Sanctuary Management system, gives FBS door owners the ability to open, close, and monitor their door from anywhere in the world.

State-of-the-art AI-driven facial recognition features can be combined with motorization to allow for seamless entry for you and your family, without ever having to interact with the door.


Keyless Entry


A fully discrete proximity Sensor that is hidden behind the panel of your door. Only you know where it is located.

Authenticator Communicator™
Authenticator Communicator™

This elegant unit will bring all the latest technology and convenience features to our security doors. This unit combines a full HD camera and SIP technology to provide a full audio/ video interface that does not reside on an unprotected public server. When someone pushed the call button a secured call is made via SIP service (Requires additional service cost) directly to any phone or PC. You can then communicate and open the door if you so desire.

For keyless entry, you can use your choice of keypad, RFID card or the optional facial recognition. Any one of these will identify the user and unlock the door. It is also possible to combine multiple types of authentication to insure an even greater level of security.

  • 130° fisheye lens with panorama view
  • Electronic pan/tilt/zoom
  • Audio/video intercom (VOIP) for visitor communication (SIP standard)
  • LCD screen, sunlight readable, wide viewing angle
  • Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet
  • WLAN / Wifi
  • 2-Wire connection (optional)
  • Full integration into Voice-over-IP PBX eliminates third-party pass-through

The Authenticator Server™
The Authenticator Server™

For the ultimate in security and convenience add the facial recognition server. This turns all your communicators into fully hands-free facial recognition units. It also provides access control like features for your door stations.

  • Neural Network trained on faces
  • Server-based operation
  • 3D facial recognition, up to 1,000 faces locally
  • PIN code entry

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