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Our Dream Team Of Industry Experts

In order to serve our clients in a way that is completely tailored to meet their unique needs, we have assembled a dream team of industry experts. From the first meeting to installation and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Babette Murphy

Babette Murphy Vice President of Sales

The first person you talk to at FBS is likely to be Babette Murphy, Vice President of Sales. Babette has years of experience in management and sales, specifically in the construction and architecture sectors. She’s worked out west in the mountains, in the midwest, and in the bustling business of New York City. She’s very good at interfacing between clients, architects, and interior designers during new builds and retrofits.

Babette and her team are the ones who typically field calls from potential clients. They know our capabilities and offerings inside and out and can talk to you about every possible configuration of doors and windows — but what you’ll hear them say most often is we can do whatever you want.

They’re not exaggerating or trying to impress you. We really can do whatever you want.

Once we have a grasp on the type of products you’re looking for, we’ll introduce you to the design team.

Babette Murphy
Julia Gasparini

Julia Gasparini Director of Architectural Integration & Design

As all architects and interior designers know, these plans need to start very early so as not to slow the construction and installation process down. Julia Gasparini is the head of our architecture and design team — she (or another talented architect on her team) will be a main point of contact for you and your team throughout this process. She will interface with your design team, as well as the engineers in Italy who will sign off on the final design.

Julia has designed and configured hundreds of doors and windows for our clients over the years. She has a natural ability to grasp the type of style you’re going for, and what materials will be best suited for your aesthetic and the feeling you’re hoping to create for guests in your home.

If possible, she prefers to actually see your luxury home in person. It helps her get a sense of your personal style, see the types of home decor that already exist in the home and gain inspiration from your surroundings.

In conjunction with the design portion of the process, Julia’s team will interface with two others: security and technology.

Julia Gasparini
Tim Miller

Tim Miller Security Planning & Training Consultant

Not all of our clients are overly concerned with security — some of them just want a really beautiful front door. We’re happy to design doors and windows that accomplish either goal, but for those who require specialized security, we are committed to ensuring that safety. 

Regardless, we’ll bring in security experts from LionHeart International Services Group to assess your immediate security needs (such as doors, windows, and perhaps a panic room). Tim Miller and key members of his staff are all highly trained in various methods of executive-level security. 

Miller spent 25 years as a Marine working in counterintelligence (5 years active duty and 20 in the Reserves), three years serving as a police officer and the following 25 years as a Federal Agent while he was in the Reserves. After that, Miller spent five years protecting Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other heads of state in the Secret Service. After September 11, he transferred over to the newly formed Department of Homeland Security, where he worked in the terrorism division as a Special Agent, and then served as the Director of Training until his retirement. (You can read more about Miller here.)

The rest of Miller’s team is comprised of former FBI and Secret Service Agents, military personnel, and state and local law enforcement officers — just to name a few, there’s retired FBI Supervisory Agent (who led the FBI’s Active Shooter Training Program) Derrel Martin, former FBI agent Mark Lundgren, war correspondent Chuck Holton, and former Secret Service Supervisor Miles Brey. The others are called in as their areas of expertise are necessary.

Miller and his team will work with your existing security team to ensure that all necessary precautions are taking place (doors, windows, biometric security systems and alarms), but they’re also very concerned with proactive security measures. They want to make sure that everyone who lives in a home knows what to do in the event of an emergency — fire, hurricane, intruder, hackers, etc. 

Based on your floor plan, the interior security measures you’re putting in place (such as a Sanctuary™ Management System), and each unique situation, the LionHeart team will work with your security team to not only formulate a plan for every possible scenario, but will train residents of the home to know how to handle these high-stress situations.

If these men can keep the President safe, they can keep you safe.


Tim Miller

Noel Blackman Technology Integration Specialist

The final piece of the puzzle is Noel Blackman and his team of technology professionals from Blackman Signature Designs. Blackman and David Vranicar, Managing Partner at FBS have been working together since the 1990’s, doing home automation, creating custom technology solutions, and generally doing whatever they can to make the management of luxury homes easier. (A 30,000 square-foot space is more like a commercial facility — but you’re living in it.)

Blackman and his team work closely with your security team, architect, and interior designer to find solutions that won’t be intrusive or ruin the design elements of your home. Everything they do is completely tailored to what you need.

We really love facial recognition here at FBS because it’s the most convenient and secure way of entering your home or your bedroom Sanctuary™. You don’t have to put anything down to open the door, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your key, and the software is so simple, you can program it yourself. (But if you have trouble, you can always call us.)

Our Passionate Engineers

The engineers who help draw up the architectural blueprints and the artisans who actually build the doors and windows are some of the most skilled workers in the world. They’ve been doing this for over 20 years. You simply won’t find anyone more passionate about what they do than these men and women.

We make our high security doors and windows at a massive factory in Italy, and the main reason for that is because it brings the best of two very different worlds together. By leveraging their expertise and skill combined with the technology and security experts on our team, we can create completely custom products (from the inside out) tailored to fit every unique client and their specific situation.

It’s drawing on the strengths of both countries: the innovation from America and the craftsmanship from Italy. We couldn’t make these doors and windows without them, but we certainly love putting our innovative spin on it. To learn more about the philosophy behind these talented artisans and engineers, check out our article about them.


A Team Devoted To Your Lifestyle

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No matter which portion of the team you’re working with at any given moment, the most important thing on our minds is creating something that works for you. We’re not looking to sell you things you don’t want or convince you that you need technology you aren’t comfortable using — that’s a waste of your time and ours.

Our main goal is to find technology, security, and design solutions that work with your lifestyle, rather than against it. This will mean something different to everyone, and that’s just fine for us — we can make whatever you want.

If you can dream it, we can do it.

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