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Beauty And Security
in perfect harmony

Skilled artisans cloak FBS™ armored custom high-security doors in the finest materials and finishes. And with more than 150 different material types to choose from — among them new or antique wood, glass, leather, marble, stainless steel, and more — the design possibilities are virtually endless.

See It For Yourself

Take a tour with security expert and TV host Jon Douglas Rainey
Join us for a two-minute tour with the host of Discovery Channel’s “It Takes A Thief” as we explore the surface of what FBS doors and windows are providing for in the world’s safest homes.
Intelligently Designed
High-Security Doors
  • Firearms Resistance

    Complete stoppage when tested against 9mm, 357 magnum, .44, .45, 30.06, .30AP, 7.62, and even .50 caliber weapons
  • Flame Resistance

    Complete ASTM E84 testing yielded zero flame spread or smoke and is non-combustible
  • Pressure Resistance

    Able to withstand up to 9000 PSI of pressure per ASTM C109 testing
  • Mold Resistance

    Resists mold and mildew growth per ASTM G21 test
The World’s Most
Versatile Security Windows
  • Hurricane Windows

    Hurricane-certified windows need to be able to withstand intense water and wind pressure, as well as large flying objects without penetration
  • Burglary Rated

    Our security windows provide various burglary defense ratings, depending on customer specifications.
  • Bulletproof Windows

    Ballistic, or bulletproof windows are made the same way as our high-security windows — annealed glass with PVB or SGP, polycarbonate, and an air gap.

Exquisite Surfaces

Expertly Crafted Coverings By Axolotl
FBS Doors now feature the world’s most beautiful custom security door finishes — customized to our customer’s specifications. Artfully designed and expertly crafted, these coverings make a statement.

Certified Security
& Technology

Built to withstand severe weather, home invasions, and even bullets, FBS custom high-security doors and windows provide a level of safety and security that is unmatched in the industry. Our hand-crafted custom doors and windows ensure that your home and your family are completely safe from harm.

The FBS Sanctuary ™

Elegantly Invisible Impenetrability.
Seamlessly transform your personal space into a fortified and secure safe haven using the FBS Sanctuary™. A vast catalog of state-of-the-art technology, luxurious materials and innovative security options allow FBS to tailor protective security windows and doors to any room — without sacrificing your home’s mood and decor.


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