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Architect Questions

How are your windows different from the other windows in the project?

Aesthetically we will match the windows exactly. Structurally they will be much different.

Do your doors require special jambs?

Minimum jamb depth for a security door is 70mm. A ballistic security door is 75mm.

If we are including an FBS Sanctuary™ do we still need a “Panic Room”?

No. The space allotted to the panic room can be repurposed.

If we replace the doors and windows does that make the room an FBS Sanctuary ™?

It depends. In many cases that is all that is required. In some cases a small amount of additional items will be required to secure your room. Please inquire to your certified FBS dealer or contact us directly

Should we just designate a room or area as the “safe room”?

We strongly recommend the bedrooms to be utilized as FBS Sanctuaries™. You are most vulnerable when you are asleep. The time required to get to a “safe room” makes them impractical.

Builder Questions

Can you match the other doors and windows?

In most cases this is not a problem. We can match the loo and color, the notable exception being the age of the finish

Is installation complicated?

It depends on the product. We make security devices, they are very precision . We require that all opening be strong, plumb and leve. In most cases if these things are achieved, installation is not complicated.

Why does anyone need this level of security?

We live in an ever changing world that lacks the capacity to protect everyone all the time. We believe that protecting ones family and loved ones is paramount.

Are there any special modifications that need to be done to construction?

Our doors are much heavier and stronger than a standard product. We require 4 inches of solid wood, concrete or steel to mount the products securely and safely.

Designer Questions

Do we have to choose from the materials we see listed on the site?

No, we can make a door covering out of just about anything. Feel free to inquire.

I want to match the door and windows I have already selected. Can you products be matched?

Yes. We can match your products exactly or have your mill work company produce coverings to our specifications.

General Questions

I hate carrying a key yet I want to be secure. Is it possible?

Yes high security windows without keys can be as secure as with a key. We have several keyless entry options including biometric.

How much do your security doors and windows cost?

We make our custom security doors to your specifications, so that depends a great deal on what is being designed. We find we are relatively small up-charge to what our clients already have selected.

Do I have to replace all my doors and windows to be secure?

No. We will work with your team to choose strategic locations to maximize security.

Do I need bulletproof doors and windows?

Maybe. All of our products are designed to prevent unwanted intrusion. Which is appropriate for you is a matter of personal choice.

I have hurricane proof doors and windows. Don’t I already have sufficient protection?

No. Impact rated doors and windows are designed to stop flying projectiles. These can typically be breached in a matter of seconds by even an amateur intruder.

Do your products replace alarms and surveillance systems?

We interface with those items. They are designed to alert you the presence of an unwanted intruder. Our products are designed to stop them.

How secure are your products?

For over twenty years we have provided these products to a wide variety of clients. These include world famous celebrities, heads of state and government officials. None of our products have ever been breached.

Do you recommend doors for interior or exterior?

It depends on the project. If the home has a single entrance it is more cost effective to replace the one door. In the larger estate projects we typically turn the bedrooms into Sanctuaries.

Are your products complicated to use?

No. Enhancements such as biometric readers make things less complicated not more. All of our products can be manually operated in addition to any automatic systems that are added.

Retrofit Questions

My house was built a long time ago. Will you be able to retrofit?

Our team has built doors for everything from new construction to several hundred years old. We have yet to find the project we could not integrate successfully.

Technology Questions

I like the easy interface but I am not a techie. Is the technology easy to understand?

We build in as much or as little technology as you request. It is never more difficult than withdrawing money from an ATM.

We already have a security and surveillance systems can these be integrated?

Absolutely. We can fully integrate with these systems as well as home automation, perimeter detection systems and access control.

Do I need to purchase a dedicated system to interface with the doors?

No. You can operate them manually, with keyless entry, biometric readers or your existing Apple Android or Windows device

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