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Here Are the Details for Your Free Ballistic Upgrade

Enhance your security with FBS! From today until August 31, 2024, purchase any door and motorized locking assembly to receive a free ballistic upgrade. This exclusive offer allows you to elevate your protection levels at no additional cost.

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Your Free Ballistic Upgrade

Available for new orders only*

Here Are the Details

Upgrade Options:

FBS Level 1 Ballistic Upgrade: Elevate your security with the FBS Level 1 Ballistic Upgrade, a premium safeguard tailored for discerning clients. Our Level 1 protection is designed to confidently withstand threats from small arms, effectively covering up to a 9mm caliber. While not officially certified, it parallels the robustness of UL Rating 1 and NIJ Level 2A standards. This upgrade ensures a formidable shield against most small arms and a significant number of larger caliber handguns, providing an unparalleled sense of security and peace of mind. Perfect for clients who require sophisticated, yet unobtrusive protection in their daily environments.

FBS Level 2 Ballistic Upgrade: The FBS Level 2 Ballistic Upgrade represents a significant advancement in personal security, adeptly shielding against large handguns, including the formidable .44 Magnum. Comparable in its protective capabilities to UL Rating Level 3 and NIJ Level 3A, this upgrade extends its defense to cover all handguns and select small rifles. Ideal for clients seeking a heightened level of safety, this upgrade ensures a robust barrier against more substantial threats while maintaining the sophistication and discretion synonymous with FBS products.

FBS Level 3 Ballistic Upgrade: The FBS Level 3 Ballistic Upgrade is our advanced solution for comprehensive security needs, capable of withstanding rifle threats. Engineered to meet or exceed the standards of UL Level 5 and NIJ Level 3, this upgrade is specifically designed to counter the impact of 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket military-grade ammunition. Offering a superior level of protection, it effectively shields against all handguns and most rifle threats, excluding only the very largest calibers. This upgrade is the ideal choice for clients requiring robust defense against a wide spectrum of ballistic threats while maintaining the elegance and discretion of FBS’s high-end security solutions.

FBS Level 4 Ballistic Upgrade: The FBS Level 4 Ballistic Upgrade is the pinnacle of our ballistic protection range, embodying the zenith of technological advancement in security. Designed to parallel the formidable strength of NIJ Level 4 and closely aligned with UL Level 8 standards, this upgrade offers unmatched defense against the most challenging threats, including 7.62mm rifles with multiple ammunition types. While not officially certified, its performance is akin to these high benchmarks, ensuring comprehensive protection against all rifle calibers. This level of upgrade is the quintessence of security, designed for clients who demand the absolute best in ballistic defense without compromising on the elegance and exclusivity of FBS’s offerings.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer valid for purchases made between today and August 31, 2024.
  • Purchase must include both a door and motorized locking assembly.
  • Prior sales and old systems do not qualify.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.

Upgrade your security system today and enjoy unparalleled protection with FBS’s state-of-the-art ballistic doors!


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