Covering Options For High Security Doors In US

Covering Options

black marble covering option


From the minimalist lines of contemporary marble to the intricate adornment of the finest embossed leather, FBS artisans craft exquisite door coverings that cloak the impenetrable security that lies within. An array of elegant custom design options include indoor and outdoor materials, proving that reliable security does not have to mean compromising luxury or beauty.


Our Essential high security door coverings include our simplest and most cost-effective options. Essential coverings are smooth panels designed for interior use only. They are available in a variety of wood veneer patterns and shades, as well as multilayer laminate and lacquered color. To ensure your door matches your color palette perfectly, we can match any Pantone® color using our FBS PerfectMatch™ system.

Enhanced Door knob option


FBS Enhanced panels are a gorgeous way to upgrade the appearance of your high security door. These panels are available in specially treated wood composite or anodized aluminum, both of which are suitable for covered exterior use.

Without getting into the highly technical science behind the process, anodization turns aluminum into an impervious metal. Anodizing metal protects it against corrosion, wear and tear (from weather or severe use), and creates a surface that allows for better paint and glue adhesion. For example, the carabiners you may use for your keychain or while rock climbing are oftentimes made of anodized aluminum and then painted.

Our wood composite options include dark or light okume, pine, fir, oak and mahogany.
Both the wood composite and the anodized aluminum can be made into a wide variety of patterns, and of course the aluminum can be finished using any Pantone® color using our FBS PerfectMatch™ system.


Our Elegant door coverings are perfect for upgrading your high security door to a new level of luxury, whether you’re looking to use these coverings inside or out. Choose from Italian gres, solid wood, or decorative glass.

Our remarkable Italian gres option requires almost no maintenance, even in outdoor environments. We can custom finish solid wood to match the look of your existing home or doors. Our hand-crafted glass is created to seamlessly integrate with your personal taste and style using our FBS PerfectMatch™system.

Extravagant door handle


Our Extravagant coverings are designed to turn your high security doors into a work of art. Indulge yourself with impenetrable doors covered in luxurious hand-stitched Italian leather and a wide variety of precious stones, including (but not limited to) marble, onyx, agate, obsidian and even Swarovski® crystal. We also offer a back-lit option for our custom stone finishes.

There’s almost no limit to the possibilities with our Extravagant door coverings. You can let your imagination roam free! You really have to see it to believe it. Check out our gallery to see breathtaking examples of completed high security doors finished with Extravagant coverings.


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