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FBS artisans manufacture a wide variety of high security doors to accommodate even the most discriminating tastes. From the simple style of single and double doors to large, bold, impressive pivot doors or the elegance of sliding glass doors, each design is planned for strength and crafted from the finest materials in order to create a gorgeous, impenetrable entryway for your home or business.

Additionally, we can add glass to any door imaginable. In fact, pivot doors can be made entirely of glass themselves — all without sacrificing security.

Single Doors

Incomparable Style & Strength

Single doors are your regular, standard-style hinge-door. Of course, nothing FBS makes is a “regular, standard-style” of anything.
Every door we make is reinforced and completely secure, whether it will be used as a majestic front entryway, a fire door into your garage, or an elegant bedroom door. But of course all of that carefully thought-out security is invisible behind our extensive array of covering options.
Whether you prefer simple and classic or intricately wrought opulence, our single doors come in a wide array of coverings, keyless entry options, and glass designs. And yes — all the glass we use in our high security doors is the same triple-layer armored glass we use in our impenetrable windows.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors have a special place in our hearts. They are absolutely incredible.

Our perfectly balanced pivot doors appear to defy gravity as they pivot open in one classy, simple motion. Because pivot doors don’t have hinges, they create a more open, attractive aesthetic. With unmatched grace and size, pivot doors are easily the most impressive type of door we make.

As pivot doors aren’t limited by the physical hardware of a hinge, the size possibilities are much larger in scale.

We once made a 13-foot tall bronze pivot door. As you’ll see in our gallery, we also made a majestic garage door once. There is almost no limit to what we can do with pivot doors.

Sliding Doors

Incomparable Style & Strength

Our sliding glass doors aren’t like every other glider you’ve seen for two main reasons. First, they’re bulletproof. Second, the tracks are recessed into the floor, allowing you to have a completely open feeling from your living room to your backyard. In many ways, it feels as if the backyard and the living room become one space when our sliding glass doors are open.

It’s luxurious in a way that feels decadent.

The other wonderful (and simple) thing about recessed tracks is that you don’t have to worry about tripping over them. It’s easy to lose track of your footing when you’re carrying a tray of food out to your guests, or for children to not notice it when they’re running around on a beautiful day. It’s not the type of safety feature we’re known for, but it’s one we take pride in because so many of our clients really love this feature.

Double Doors

Remarkable Openings Up To 74 Inches Wide

Double doors are oftentimes used as main entryways and master suite doors, but can also be used to create some separation in an otherwise open floor plan luxury home. For example, you could use them between your formal dining room and a second living room to allow a heightened level of privacy when needed.

Double doors are a great fit if you’re looking to create a really eye-popping front entrance.

They’re bold, large, and can give off a wonderful first impression for guests.

In many cases, double doors become the default when an opening is larger than 37 inches because that’s the limit on a single hinge door. Double doors allow an opening to be up to 74 inches wide — perfect for moving almost anything and everything in or out.

French Doors

Incomparable Style & Strength

If you don’t like sliding doors and would prefer elegant French doors leading out to your backyard instead, we can make that happen. Our artisans can create any style you’d like, whether that be clear, unobstructed glass of modern design, or mullions to give a more traditional feel.

Of course, all our glass doors are made with the same armored triple-layer glass that we use in our windows. You can let the sunshine warm your home and take in your gorgeous view while still feeling completely safe and secure.

Arched Doors

Arched doorways aren’t as common in the United States as they are in Europe (but that just adds to their elegance and mystique, doesn’t it?). What we’re more likely to see in the U.S. is a hinge door with an arch placed above it — a modern take on old-world charm.

Our arched high security doors can be either single or double and can be made with any combination of coverings and inserts, including glass. They can be used as interior doors or exterior, whichever your heart desires. No one will ever know your charming little arched door is actually impenetrable.


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