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Platinum Level Service

Platinum Level Service

Starting in January 2020, all new orders of our high security doors and windows come with Platinum Level Service for 12 months.

This means that for the first year of substantial use, we’ll provide access to qualified technicians via phone 24 hours a day in case you’re having trouble with your new doors or windows, or any of the upgraded features you’ve included with them.

While many problems can be solved over the phone, if we are unable to do so, we’ll hop on the plane. Barring circumstances out of our control (like severe weather or flight cancelations), we’ll be at your house within 48 hours to see if we can repair the problem ourselves. If we can’t, we’ll call contractors who can.

Furthermore, we’ll come out at the end of the year to perform a maintenance check. We’ll look for wear and tear, check and replace batteries, test all functionality, lubricate hinges as needed, check motors, and install any necessary firmware updates.
At the end of the first year, you can choose to continue the Platinum Level Service Plan for an annual fee or to let it lapse. The choice is yours, and we won’t push you into it. But we want to make sure our exclusive clientele has access to maintenance and assistance when it’s required.

While we can’t retroactively include Platinum Level Service to previous purchases, you can sign up for the service plan to cover any of your currently in-use FBS high security doors or windows.
Our goal is to eliminate the hassle in home maintenance — at least in regards to your FBS high security doors and windows. We promise that one call does it all.

We won’t pass the buck if a wire was clipped by a contractor months after your door was in use. We’ll simply hire an electrician to get out there and fix it. We don’t care if it was our fault or someone else’s — we just want it to work. So we’ll handle it for you.

And the best part is: we won’t even send you a bill.

To read more about our Platinum Level Service Plan, check out our article that details the terms more fully.



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