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High Security Windows With A View

Enjoy your home (and your view) in complete security without sacrificing light and elegance. Our triple-layer armored glass is available in several decorative finishes and can be used in casement windows, as well as in any high security door of your choosing.

Fixed panels can be made up to 12 feet tall or wide, allowing you to bring in that breathtaking view from outside your window. After all, that’s the reason you bought the house, isn’t it? Regardless of your home decor style and aesthetic, our high security windows are custom crafted to complement your design philosophy.

In addition to providing high levels of energy-efficient thermal and acoustic insulation, our high security windows are built to withstand home invasions, hurricanes, extreme wind, and even bullets (yes, really — bullets).

But the best part about FBS security windows is that their security features are completely invisible. In fact, their security features are so well concealed, you can see right through them.

Intruders, stalkers, or anyone else trying to do you harm will not get through our windows — they’re near impenetrable. If you don’t believe us, check out the video of two fully grown men trying to break one of our high security windows. After 450 blows with both an axe and a sledgehammer, the men gave up because they were too tired to continue.

Triple Layer Glass Beautiful and Bulletproof

Featuring triple-layer glass, FBS high security windows are all custom-finished to the opacity of your choosing — they can be transparent, satin, reflective, or even printed. At work behind the striking beauty of the glass, the technologically advanced locks, fortified hinges, and automation systems provide you and your loved ones with a greater sense of calm.

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Embracing European Style

Our high security windows can be either casement-style or fixed. Casement security windows can open, allowing fresh air in on a gorgeous day. But rather than the typical western style of windows sliding up and down, FBS windows embrace the European style of opening from the middle. This method is graceful, elegant, and unique to many traditional homes in the U.S. and we believe it provides a greater level of sophistication to luxury homes.

Our fixed security windows can be placed just about anywhere — next to doors, high on walls to allow for more natural light in dark spaces, in stairwells, or in living rooms that face gorgeous forests, mountains, or water.

We don’t want to block your view or infringe upon your style. We can make any window you can dream of. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Strong, Silent & Flawless

The most technologically advanced window strength available

While there are many different hardening techniques available, we are committed to using the most technologically advanced window strengthening methods available.

FBS Sanctuary experts strategize structural modifications that will create a truly impenetrable environment in any area of your home. Using bulletproofing technology on your walls, reinforcing your floors and ceilings so they are capable of withstanding the destructive power of explosives, and installing high security doors and windows, we can convert any room in your house (or the entire house) into the most secure space possible.

And with all that extra reinforcement comes the additional peace of near silence. Our high security windows are naturally very quiet, thanks to the triple-layer glass. By including upgrades, you’re creating a quiet Sanctuary that will allow you to sleep through almost anything.

Built To Withstand The Elements

Sophisticated enough to withstand gale-force and brute-force alike

As residents of South Florida, we understand the importance of hurricane proofing your home. That’s why we offer add-on features for our security windows, such as exterior gaskets and a sophisticated water drainage/evacuation system. These extra defense mechanisms enable FBS armored windows to be installed in areas that are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, we offer other kits that provide increased resistance to noise, heat, or fire. Our high security windows are sophisticated enough to withstand gale-force and brute force alike.

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FBS is synonymous with strength, security and harmonious design. The artisan approach of the company, its production flexibility, the use of top quality raw materials, and application of the latest technology has earned FBS products a position at the top of the security sector.


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