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High Security Windows With A View

Enjoy your home in complete security without sacrificing light and elegance. With protective glass available in several decorative finishes – and fixed panels as large as 12 ft. – FBS’s armored security windows are custom-crafted to complement your space, whatever your design style may be.

In addition to providing high levels of energy-efficient thermal and acoustic insulation, FBS security windows are built to withstand burglars, hurricanes, and even bullets. And yet their security features are so well concealed that you can see right through them.

Triple High Security Windows Layer Glass

FBS armored windows are both beautiful and bullet-proof

Featuring triple-layer glass, FBS armored windows can be tailored to be transparent, satin, reflective, or even printed. At work behind the cosmetic qualities, the windows’ technologically advanced locks, hinges, and automation systems provide you and your loved ones with a greater sense of calm.

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Strong, Silent & Flawless

The most technologically advanced window strength available

While there are many different hardening techniques available, FBS’ Sanctuary experts strategize structural modifications that will provide for an truly impenetrable environment, in any area of your home. From ballistic-proof walls to floors and ceilings capable of withstanding the destructive power of explosives, convert any room in your house into the most secure space possible.

Built To Withstand The Elements

Sophisticated enough to withstand gale-force and brute-force alike

Add-on features, including exterior gaskets and a sophisticated water drainage/evacuation system, enable FBS armored windows to be installed in areas that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Other kits allow increased resistance to noise, heat, or fire.

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About FBS

FBS is synonymous with strength, security and harmonious design. The artisan approach of the company, its production flexibility, the use of top quality raw materials, and application of the latest technology has earned FBS products a position at the top of the security sector.


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