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FBS’ security windows raise the bar – redefining expectations for what security windows should be.


Next-level security windows that offer a new standard of both beauty and protection

At FBS, we pride ourselves on being able to create exactly what our clients need, whether that’s a bedroom security door for their Sanctuary™, an impressive pivot door for their front entrance, or custom security windows that don’t give away all of your security secrets.

We’re well aware that every window is “custom made” in that windows must perfectly fit the opening of the home — but no one is making a custom window like we are.

Our windows are completely bespoke from the inside out so that they can meet your specific and unique needs. Not everyone needs security windows, but perhaps they need hurricane certification. Others might need ballistic protection, but don’t live in a hurricane zone. Some people just want extra large fixed windows so they can enjoy the view from their luxury home.

If we only made one or two types of glass (like most window manufacturers), we’d never be able to meet all of our clients’ needs. Therefore, we start at the very beginning by asking what you’re looking for in a window.

We know you need it to be beautiful, so we’ll always have that at the forefront of our design plans, but the exact composition of your security, hurricane, or ballistic window will change depending on the level of security you need, the weight your architects are able to spare, and the aesthetics of the space.

Explore Additional Features

Custom Made Security Windows Features

Luxurious Beauty

While function may be one of the main elements you consider when looking for custom security windows, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on an aesthetically appealing design. We seamlessly bring together both luxury and window security. Our team of skilled artisans crafts each window using some of the finest materials and finishes. You’ll easily be able to find a door that enhances your architectural design and personal style — while adding a touch of elegance that will stand the test of time.

Versatile Solutions for Your Unique Security Needs

When you work with us, we understand that you have unique security needs and design preferences for your personal spaces, which is why we tailor our windows to fit your specifications. Each of our windows is designed to offer the protection needed to keep all occupants safe. We carry window varieties such as:
  • Hurricane windows: If your property is in a high hurricane-risk area, you don’t want to be without windows capable of withstanding everything from intense water to wind pressure. Especially during severe storms, you could be dealing with flying debris like tree branches — so you want to make sure your windows can handle extreme forces and prevent penetration.
  • Burglary rated windows: Keep your property protected from unwanted intruders with burglary rated windows. Depending on your needs and specifications, we offer several windows with various burglary defense ratings to deliver the exact level of security you’re after.
  • Bulletproof windows: When you need security glass that will stand up to some of the biggest threats, we have you covered. Our bulletproof windows, also known as ballistic windows, are constructed out of annealed glass with either PVB or SGP tempered laminated glass to ensure structural integrity. We design them exactly like our highest-end security windows, offering the peace of mind you deserve.


Cold-Drawn Steel Frame

Many window manufacturers opt to use aluminum in their frames, which makes sense if you’re trying to bring down the cost and the customers don’t care about security certification, or the climate in their area allows for its use. Of course, our clients care about those things — they have come to us because they have needs that can’t (or won’t) be met by the average window manufacturer.

We’ve opted to use steel frames in our windows for many reasons — it’s strong, it’s very secure, it’s low maintenance, it can withstand gale force and brute force alike, but the main reason we use it is very simple: it’s the very best.

High-tech Glass Composition

Building custom security, hurricane, or ballistic windows requires different types of materials because each of those certifications is meant to protect against a different threat. Therefore, each material is designed to react a different way to each threat.

There are three different types of glass that are used to make windows:

Annealed – softest type of glass, breaks into large pieces, cheapest to make because it’s easy to work with

Heat-strengthened – twice as strong as annealed glass, heated and cooled (typically twice) in order to strengthen the material, more expensive because it cannot be cut or molded once it’s made, breaks into many small pieces

Tempered – strongest type of glass (four times stronger than annealed), heated and cooled in order to strengthen the material (but more times than heat-strengthened glass), used in cars and ovens, also known as “security glass” because when it breaks, it shatters into many tiny pieces (which is less harmful than large shards)

Security At Any Size

We’ve yet to encounter a client who wanted a window we couldn’t make. If you want a massive fixed window to overlook the expansive view out of your living room, we can do that. If you’d like casement windows that open to the breeze come in over the hills, we can do that, too. No matter what, we’ll put your needs and your security at the forefront.

Even on our operable casement windows, the locks (typically the weakest point of a window) are made of impenetrable steel, putting them at the same security level as our high security doors. Potential intruders won’t be able to drill, cut, or shoot through our window locks — we know because we’ve tried.

FBS sliding doors are both beautiful and secure

Certified Protection

Taking these three types of glass and using them to create completely customized windows for various use-cases means taking into account the climate, the level of security you require, and your aesthetic preferences. The good news is that we can make anything you want — literally anything — and it will still be beautiful.

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Myth VS. Reality

Clarifying the most common misconceptions about security windows

Myth Reality

Intruders commonly break windows to enter a home

Intruders are more likely to unlock or pry a window out of the frame than break a window

Plastic, wood and aluminum windows can be security certified

Plastic, wood and aluminum windows can all be hurricane certified, but NONE of these can be security certified

Ballistic & steel windows are security windows

Not all ballistic & steel windows are security windows

Strong window glass is enough to be considered a security window

True security windows are an orchestrated combination of the frame, the glass and the locks

Security windows are functional and limit aesthetics

FBS security windows can be finished in almost any material imaginable

Expert Craftsmanship

25 Years Of Hand-Crafted Perfection & Innovation
FBS creates each and every window by hand, customized to the exacting needs of the world’s most demanding clientele. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience and innovation, we guarantee the highest levels of burglary protection in both the residential and commercial sectors – from the bullet-proof glass we integrate to the remarkable, cold-drawn steel that frames our windows and doors.

Security Levels For Every Need

Security Levels For Every Need

Level 1

Our architectural window




Extremely Thin Profile Minimalist Styling
Security Levels For Every Need

Level 2

Our SECURITY window




Thin Profile Ballistic & Hurricane Protection
Security Levels For Every Need

Level 3





High Level Ballistic Frames High Level Ballistic Glass

Glass Options For Every Security Goal

Glass LevelWeightFrame LevelHurricane CertifiedThickness
Security10 lbs/sq ft1, 2 or 31”
High Security13 lbs/sq ft1, 2 or 31 – 2”
Ballistic Security8.6 lbs/sq ft2 or 31.6 – 2.75”
Ballistic Enhanced 114 lbs/sq ft32 – 3.2”
Ballistic Enhanced 218.5 lbs/sq ft32.5 – 3.6”
Ballistic Enhanced 321.5 lbs/sq ft32.75 – 4”


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At FBS, it is our goal to deliver security windows designed with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features. No matter the size or style of your rooms, our window solutions can be fully tailored to complement the aesthetics of your space. With the ability to ship our security windows anywhere in the world, we ensure every client has access to the solutions they need to stay safe year round.

To learn more about our quality security solutions, luxurious materials or available finishes, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

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