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While you expect your home’s doors to help keep you safe, this doesn’t mean they have to look drab or unappealing. Aesthetic security doors can meet both objectives. They’ll provide reliable protection for your property, family, and assets while adding an attractive style touch. 

At FBS, we’ve been designing and producing doors and windows that seamlessly combine security and aesthetics for more than 20 years. We have the experience and expertise to serve as a trusted door consultant. We manufacture all door parts in the U.S. to meet the most stringent quality control standards. 

Custom-Made Front Doors

If you’re like many homeowners, you take pride in your property’s presentation. A front door upgrade can instantly improve your home’s appearance and dramatically boost its curb appeal. However, those standard front doors you come across online or at the local home improvement store probably don’t make much of an impression. 

One of the best things about partnering with FBS is that you can find the ideal product that meets your unique tastes and complements your home’s decor. Whether it’s a simple design with an understated elegance or a larger and bolder door that suits your preferences, you can choose a custom product that exceeds your expectations. 

Select the Right Finishing Touches

Your customization options don’t stop with the design of the door. The talented FBS artisans can craft beautiful coverings and other features to meet your specifications. For instance, we can incorporate glass into the design if you prefer. You can also select the most suitable “luxury level” for your finishes. The categories range from essential (tastefully simple) to extravagant (luxurious works of art). 

Don’t Forget About the Interior Doors

Many people associate security doors with a home’s exterior, but they also play a valuable protection role on the inside. Since you and your family might be sleeping when a break-in or other security event occurs, you’ll want to install aesthetic security doors for the bedrooms. As with our custom-made front doors, you’ll have numerous alluring design options from which to choose. 

Get Started With Your Aesthetic Security Door Design

Are you ready to start on your door design project? The in-house architectural designers at FBS are prepared to help you take the next step. We’ll guide you through all the options and assist you in pinpointing the products and features that meet your aesthetic and security requirements. Contact us for more information today. 


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Aesthetic Security Doors

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