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Have a Yacht? Here’s Why You Need to Upgrade Your Security Doors

Yacht owners have unique security needs. You’re not protecting a stationary object — you’re trying to keep a moving target safe in a place where 911 isn’t a phone call and a few minutes away. It may seem as simple as locking your doors and windows, but there’s a lot more to yacht security than just making sure you pulled the latch shut. You might not think you have anything to worry about on your own private vessel, but that is simply not true. There are plenty of reasons to consider your safety on board a yacht or a superyacht, but those concerns will be unique to your specific situation.  Why You Should be Concerned with Superyacht Security It may seem unnecessary to worry about things like pirates or intruders on a yacht. You’re probably prettyRead more
Have a Yacht? Here’s Why You Need to Upgrade Your Security Doors

Parkland Anniversary – FBS To Donate Safe Room To Schools

Parkland Anniversary Upon Us, South Florida Based Security Company Pledges to Donate Safe Rooms to Schools South Florida based security company, FBS – Fortified Ballistic and Security, announces plan to protect schools in honor of the one year anniversary of the Parkland shooting. For years, FBS has been perfecting their safe environments, or The Sanctuary™, for luxury homes, and the time has come to give back. It would be difficult to dispute that our country faces a grave security crisis when it comes to protecting children in our schools. What is often up for debate is how to solve this emotional conundrum. The general pattern looks something like this: a school shooting occurs, debates break out over hot topics such as mental illness and gun control, real resolution feels slow to realize, and many Americans areRead more
Parkland Anniversary – FBS To Donate Safe Room To Schools


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