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Can I Have a Security Window Wall?

FBS is mostly known for our custom security doors, which is understandable — the doors are more “interesting” in that it seems like they’re more fun to design. There are covering options and ways to put glass inserts into the door, and the possibility of secret compartments. Of course people get excited about designing a custom security door. What our clients don’t typically realize is that our custom security windows are just as exciting to design. It’s just that when the design is executed perfectly (as ours always is), it’s actually invisible. Read More

How are Custom Security Doors Made?

Our clients have a lot of questions regarding how our custom security doors are made — specifically, they wonder why it takes so long. We understand the frustration in needing to wait. Once you’ve designed your home security door, you don’t want to wait for weeks before it can be installed. While we’ve explained this to many people, we thought it would be best to get it all down in writing. We’re extremely proud of our work, and of the artisans in Italy who hand-make our steel security doors. Their work is meticulous and very difficult, which means that they can’t rush it. And of course, perfection takes time. Here’s how custom security doors are made, what steps of the process take the most time, and what you can expect from FBS. Read More

Why You Should Upgrade Your Luxury Door to a Security Door

The majority of our clients contact us because they’re looking for a security door — but not just any security door. They also want a beautiful luxury front door, bedroom door, or sliding glass door. Fortunately for them, we can make all of these dreams come true. Sometimes people call looking for a custom front door and end up also getting a sliding door and a fire door so they can secure every entrance and exit point. Once they realize that we can create beautiful doors, they see that the upgrade from “beautiful door” to “security door” just makes sense. And when they’re one in the same? It’s the perfect solution. Here’s why you should upgrade your custom luxury front door to a security door. Read More

How Luxury Door Handles Can Transform Your Security Door

At Fortified and Ballistic Security, we make custom security doors and windows. It’s something we’re very passionate about, and have dedicated a significant amount of time perfecting. We help people build the doors that complete their dream luxury home, and we enjoy it more than we can say. While the process itself is similar each time, the end result is always unique to the homeowner. One of the coolest parts about the design process is picking out hardware. Luxury door handles and knobs become the jewelry of the door. They can become statement pieces that draw attention, or complementary pieces that don’t detract from a deliberately elaborate design on the rest of the door. Read More
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