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Is a Frameless Security Door Possible?

One of the newest and most popular trends in luxury home design is frameless doors. If you’ve yet to see a frameless door, picture your front door (or bedroom, closet, etc) without trim work surrounding it. Picture the wall being perfectly flush with the door, instead. Frameless doors can be placed in interior or exterior openings, and no matter where they go, they’re stunning. We’ve installed quite a few at this point and many of our most recent calls are inquiring about installing a frameless door on their luxury home. Read More

Upgrading Your Luxury Home with Biometric Security

One of the most popular features we offer at Fortified and Ballistic Security is biometric security authentication. In the past, we’ve offered fingerprint scanners, but now the vast majority of the biometric scanners we sell use facial recognition technology.  On the surface, it might seem like something special you could add to your luxury home — like something James Bond would have at his residence (and also maybe on the entrances to his hidden closets and his garage where he stores his Aston Martins, etc) — and you wouldn't be wrong about that. Read More

Building a Safe Room vs. a Sanctuary

One of the most common inquiries we receive from potential clients is the feasibility of building a safe room in their house. We don’t mean to brag, but yes — of course we can. We can design anything you want. However, we’re not going to recommend a safe room (or a panic room) in your house. Here’s why we don’t recommend safe rooms to our clients, and what our preferred solution is instead. Read More

Basic vs. Concierge Security Door Installation

Understandably, we get a lot of questions about security door installation from our clients. It’s a logical question, especially when you’re working with tight timelines, coordinating a lot of different contractors, important delivery dates, and what probably seems like endless logistics. If you’re doing a larger renovation on your luxury home or building a new home from the ground up, you probably have some sort of project manager or builder coordinating a lot of this. But if you’re getting one custom security door, figuring out the details of installation could be a bit tricky. Read More
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