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Why You (Probably) Don’t Need Ballistic Windows

Because the word “ballistic” is in our name, people often call us to inquire about turning their home into a bulletproof fortress. In times of uncertainty or high stress, people become more aware of inherent danger around them. (For the record, we can make your home bulletproof, if that’s what you want or need.) The thing is, when people who are concerned about their safety — and more importantly, the safety of their family — hear the words “bulletproof windows,” they typically love the idea. Before they know any details or realize the architectural or financial implications, they want bulletproof windows. It sounds like ballistic windows will make your luxury home the safest place you could be — not even an AK-47 can break our top of the line windows. Read More

Cost of Windows: Why Are They So Expensive?

We don’t look at windows as “windows,” per se. We look at them as glass doors. Windows are an opening in a home in the exact same way a door is — it’s a way for someone to enter or exit. In our eyes, the only differences between doors and windows are the dimensions of the opening (sometimes) and the materials used (again, sometimes). However, we fully understand that our clients don’t necessarily see it that way. They see doors as entrance and exit points that can be designed and adorned in whatever way they want, and windows as a thing that shows them their spectacular view. Perhaps, also as a thing they can open to let a fresh breeze in. Therefore, they’re sometimes dismayed at how expensive our windows can be. Read More

Comprehensive Security Service: Doors, Windows, and Planning

You’ve probably heard us say it dozens of times: we’re not a just door and window company — we’re a security company that provides security services by making really incredible doors and windows. That being said, we also feel it’s critical for your family to plan in the event of an emergency. While we’re unshakably confident in the quality of our doors and windows, sometimes there are disasters beyond our control (or yours). And in those cases, everyone needs to know where to go, what to do, and how to survive. Read More

Biometrics and Security: How to Keep Your Home Completely Safe

Biometric security is an increasingly common topic among our clients. After many years on the market (and now, in our smartphones), facial recognition and fingerprint scans are becoming more mainstream. It suddenly doesn’t seem completely out of the question for us to have biometric screening on our doors. And trust us — it’s entirely possible and incredibly luxurious. Read More
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