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Comprehensive Security Service: Doors, Windows, and Planning

You’ve probably heard us say it dozens of times: we’re not a just door and window company — we’re a security company that provides security services by making really incredible doors and windows. That being said, we also feel it’s critical for your family to plan in the event of an emergency. While we’re unshakably confident in the quality of our doors and windows, sometimes there are disasters beyond our control (or yours). And in those cases, everyone needs to know where to go, what to do, and how to survive. Read More

Biometrics and Security: How to Keep Your Home Completely Safe

Biometric security is an increasingly common topic among our clients. After many years on the market (and now, in our smartphones), facial recognition and fingerprint scans are becoming more mainstream. It suddenly doesn’t seem completely out of the question for us to have biometric screening on our doors. And trust us — it’s entirely possible and incredibly luxurious. Read More

How Security Glass, Hurricane Glass, and Ballistic Glass Differ

When we talk to potential clients, our primary concern is that they’re getting a door or window that addresses their major concerns, whether that be security, hurricanes, or classic beauty. The reason we need to know is because it will affect the product we make for them. Security glass differs from hurricane glass, which differs from ballistic glass. Quite literally, their physical makeup is different. Our clients may not notice the difference when they look at the window, but they’re all different because they have different purposes. Read More

Let Us Show You How Easy it is to Pick a Lock

A quick online search will show you how simple it is to pick a lock. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you exactly how to do it. And of course, we’ve seen James Bond and bad guys in movies pick locks with paper clips, bobby pins, credit cards, and nearly anything else they can find lying on the ground. But is it actually easy? James Bond is a trained spy — could anyone learn how to pick a lock? The short answer is yes. The average lock on a household door is barely more than a deterrent. Read More
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