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Basic vs. Concierge Security Door Installation



Understandably, we get a lot of questions about security door installation from our clients. It’s a logical question, especially when you’re working with tight timelines, coordinating a lot of different contractors, important delivery dates, and what probably seems like endless logistics. 

If you’re doing a larger renovation on your luxury home or building a new home from the ground up, you probably have some sort of project manager or builder coordinating a lot of this. But if you’re getting one custom security door, figuring out the details of installation could be a bit tricky. 

So people have a better understanding of what they can expect from us (and conversely, what they shouldn’t expect from us), we wanted to clear some things up. 

Here’s what we handle on installation day, what we don’t do, and what we absolutely will do to help you get everything settled and installed properly. 

Installing Custom Security Doors and Windows

People are frequently surprised when we tell them that we don’t do the installation of security doors and/or windows on our own. Obviously, we know our products better than anyone else possibly could. We know all the idiosyncratic things that are unique to our custom security doors and windows, and therefore, know what to watch for and what will help the installation process go easier.We recognize and appreciate that our clients trust us with their safety and security. They’re literally putting their lives in our hands when we recommend products that meet their needs. This is not a responsibility that we take lightly — in fact, we take it very seriously.A photo of a crane-truck delivering a custom security door to a luxury home.With this trust comes our clients’ preference for us to install their security doors and windows. It makes sense, and we completely understand the thought process. Because we’re a security door and window manufacturer, we don’t actually install the products ourselves. However, we want to make sure they’re installed properly. We can be present for installation, or we can video chat with the installers so we can advise the contractor and ensure that everything is set up properly before everyone leaves.This includes making sure the right caulks and sealers are used (hurricane certified windows and doors require special types), that motors are functioning, safety measures are in place (so the door doesn’t close on tiny humans), and that any biometric screening equipment is properly programmed and working with accuracy.  

Giving the Homeowner Control

While some of our clients express frustration that we don’t do the installation ourselves, this arrangement comes with a positive that many homeowners don’t think about — they have more control than they would if we were doing it ourselves.Our specialists can be present at installation to assist and advise no matter what, but the homeowner gets to choose their contractors. Likewise, if the architect or interior designer has someone that they like to use — because they trust the work and craftsmanship of the contractor — they can do that. Local contractors will also know specific ordinances within your municipality, will be able to get permits more easily, and will know what to expect in construction materials from your region. Although the Uniform Building Code (UBC) applies throughout the US, there are local codes and regulations that contractors must adhere to that would be impossible for us to keep up with in all 50 states and every country in the world. Having a local contractor is particularly important for retrofits and existing structures, because if you’re having a security door or window installed, the contractor needs to remove the existing barrier first. And you never really know what you’re going to find when you rip that door out, do you?A local contractor is far more likely to know the unique aspects of your home’s structure based on the year it was constructed and what corners people cut the most often in order to save money. They’ll know what to look out for, whereas we will not.Like we said — it’s actually a good thing that you get to choose your contractor. You don’t have to settle for whomever we bring.  That being said, not all homeowners want that level of responsibility. It depends on the person, the number of custom security doors and windows being installed, and if this is a new build or a retrofit.
Therefore, we offer two different levels of security door and window installation assistance for our clients: basic and concierge. 

Basic Security Door Installation

Our basic security door and window installation assistance is included with the purchase of every door and window. This is the default option, and is described as follows:FBS specialists can be present to assist and advise local contractors who are present for the purpose of installing the security windows and/or doors.In order for our doors and windows to be properly and securely installed, we need a minimum of four inches of solid wood, steel, or concrete surrounding the entire opening. This is critical for security. The construction site must be completely prepared before the crew arrives. This means that the rough opening of the door or window must be plumb and level, and be adequately constructed  to support the weight of the door or window (could be upwards of 250 to 300 pounds). A photo of a team of movers unpacking a custom security door outside a luxury home.FBS specialists will not haul away old doors, windows, or construction debris, nor will they take crating and packing materials with them when they leave. The contractor and/or homeowner will be responsible for disposal of old materials.Again, these products are very heavy. Our security doors and windows are made with steel frames — which is heavy in its own right — and once you add coverings and glass, the doors could end up weighing 1,200 pounds, depending on the materials used. Because these pieces are so heavy, and no homeowner wants their door damaged or scratched before it’s even installed, you have to choose your movers carefully. There is no way an FBS specialist and a general contractor can lift one of these doors on their own. Therefore, the homeowner will need to hire professional movers in order to get the door or window into proper position. We often recommend a professional certified rigging company or  perhaps professional piano movers because they’re accustomed to moving large, heavy objects  in a delicate manner so they are not damaged. All wiring for power and communication must be done beforehand, otherwise we cannot properly test the doors before we leave. Regardless of the transmission method — new electrical or communication lines, etc — they must be completed before the installation date.  FBS specialists will fully test the security doors and windows before they leave the premises, but final finishes are left for relevant experts. For example, a carpenter of your choice can install any trim or additional exterior work surrounding the door. Travel expenses are not included in the price of your custom security door. If we need to fly to your location and stay in a hotel for the night, these expenses will be billed separately. And finally, the installation position must be completely prepared when we arrive. If we say we’ll be there on the 30th of the month, please make sure all prep work is finished by the 29th at the latest. 

Concierge Security Door Installation

For many of our clients, basic installation is perfectly fine because they already have someone coordinating the minute details of their custom security door installation. This sometimes means a personal assistant, but is oftentimes the builder, a site manager, or an architect and interior design team. But for our clients who are just replacing their front door, or first floor windows, they may not realize all the pieces and parts that go into security door installation. And they certainly aren’t going to be the ones taking out the old door, prepping new wiring, and making any repairs that need to be done in order to properly install the new security door.  It’s these circumstances that concierge security door installation is more suitable. Essentially, what concierge installation does is flip the burden of coordination responsibility onto us. Let’s say you’re switching out your regular, manually operated front door of your luxury home with a motorized pivot door. It might seem easy enough to take a door off its hinges and replace it with a new one, but a lot goes into an upgrade of this caliber. A photo of a contractor installing a custom security door. First of all, you’ll need a general contractor who is licensed in your area. This person will take out your old door and make any adjustments necessary for your new door. Because you’re going from a hinge door to a pivot, the operation of the door is different, so they’ll make sure that the old hinge holes are patched, covered, and repainted so nothing appears out of place.Second, you’ll need new electrical wiring running to the door so that the motor can operate. This requires a licensed electrician. Electrical work isn’t something most people want to try on their own, considering the potential for fire or injury, but there are some general contractors who do electrical work. Our point here is that finding a good quality electrical contractor can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the person, have never worked with them before, and don’t know anyone who can vouch for them. In that regard, concierge service may be able to help you find a contractor who is trustworthy and reliable.One thing to consider in this example is that our motors are housed within the frame, so architects and engineers won’t need to figure out where they can place a motor. So if you don’t have a builder handling all of this for you and you’re trying to book contractors for installation, the placement of the motor is one less thing you need to worry about. Third, you’ll need movers. Pivot doors aren’t restricted by weight or size because the weight distribution can be adjusted by moving the pivot point. As a result, many pivot doors are oversized — our La Ribalta pivot door can be up to 13 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Of course, doors this large with steel cores are heavyWe can’t supply enough specialists to do this kind of work in each location at any given time. Therefore, we’ll find movers in your area that will be gentle and cognizant of the delicacy of their task. Finally, we’d look for carpenters to do your finishing work. Your trim will need to be redone because the contractor would have popped it all off.What you’re paying for when you upgrade to concierge security door installation services is your time and energy. Instead of wasting time researching and booking at least three contractors, you can go about your business, working hard on the projects that are most fulfilling to you while we take care of the tedious work. Again, if you have a project manager or a builder in the mix, you may not need such hands-on help. You might be just fine letting them do all the work. Each project and each client is different. We can adjust based upon your needs.Regardless of the installation package you go with, travel and lodging expenses will be billed separately if they apply. 

Getting Started on Your Custom Security Door

If you’re ready to get started on your custom security door, give us a call today. We love talking to clients about their goals and what they’re looking for in a security door. Each client is different, and therefore, each door is different. 
A photo of an oversized pivot door at the front entrance to a luxury home.Regardless of your design aesthetic, level of security necessary, or hurricane certification required, we can create a custom security door that you love and fits perfectly with the façade of your luxury home. While the frame is made of high quality steel, we can cover it in a wide variety of materials, including multilayer laminate in any color you can imagine, wood composite in multiple finishes, anodized aluminum, Italian gres, backlit stonework, solid wood in a variety of stains, decorative security glass, and/or precious gemstones.Remember that it takes a while to create each custom security door we make. Once we have the design approved, it will take a few weeks for our Italian artisans to handcraft your door — and then there’s shipping time. We can advise you based on your timeline and when you’d like for your security door to be installed. We can also interface with your contractors to make sure we’re all on the same page. When you’re ready, give us a call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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