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Custom Garage Doors: Creating an Impenetrable Fortress

Luxury homes should be flawless sanctuaries. Home is where you go after a long day (or week) at work to relax and unwind. It’s the place where you shouldn’t have to worry about something being off. After all, you’ve certainly paid enough for it — it shouldn’t be anything less than perfection. And part of that perfection is making it completely secure. One of the weak points of any home is the garage. Luxury homes are likely to be made with more durable materials than builder’s grade homes, but even so, it’s an opening (or two or three) to your home that isn’t entirely secure. Between the garage door, a regular man-door as a side entrance to your garage, and a fire door leading into your home, you’ve created quite a few potential failure points in your overall security. Read More

Security Windows Don't Have to Mean Ugly Security Bars

Many of our clients want security windows, and they specifically come to us because they don’t want to resort to installing wrought iron security bars on the flawless façade of their luxury home. We get it. You shouldn’t have to compromise, and you definitely shouldn’t need to feel like you’re behind bars when you’re at home. While wrought iron can certainly feel luxurious (such as a fence on the outskirts of your property), it somehow loses its luster when placed over windows on a luxury home. It’s what you expect to see on homes close to city centers and apartment buildings in New York City. Read More

Do I Need Wrought Iron on My Security Doors and Windows?

When many homeowners think of security doors and windows, they often think of big, heavy, wrought iron bars that are installed over the glass, ruining the aesthetics of their carefully designed home, and blocking the view they paid so much for. They simply don’t fit in when installed on a luxury home. While wrought iron has its place in luxury and grandeur (like a fence surrounding your property), that aesthetic is somehow not the same when the wrought iron is placed over your doors and windows. This is a look you expect to find on first floor apartments in busy cities — not spacious luxury homes in upscale neighborhoods. Read More

Why You (Probably) Don’t Need Ballistic Windows

Because the word “ballistic” is in our name, people often call us to inquire about turning their home into a bulletproof fortress. In times of uncertainty or high stress, people become more aware of inherent danger around them. (For the record, we can make your home bulletproof, if that’s what you want or need.) The thing is, when people who are concerned about their safety — and more importantly, the safety of their family — hear the words “bulletproof windows,” they typically love the idea. Before they know any details or realize the architectural or financial implications, they want bulletproof windows. It sounds like ballistic windows will make your luxury home the safest place you could be — not even an AK-47 can break our top of the line windows. Read More
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