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What Your Luxury Front Door Says About Your Home

Your luxury front door isn’t intended for you. It’s there for everyone else. What it looks like — the color, the size, the shape — is all meant for other people to look at. The front door is an important aspect in the overall facade of your home.  Read More

How a Bedroom Security Door Can Help You Get Better Sleep

What’s protecting you while you’re sleeping and otherwise unaware of your surroundings? Given this line of thinking, it may be unsurprising that one of our most common client requests is our Sanctuary™ System — and in most cases, they specifically want to fortify their bedroom. This allows them to sleep more soundly at night, knowing that they are completely, entirely protected. No one is getting through their bedroom security door or windows.  Read More

Why You Need Custom Security Windows in Your Home

To most homeowners, windows are merely a necessity — something to keep the weather out and let light into the house. They’re just panes of glass, right? Why bother putting much thought into them? While that’s a perfectly understandable thought process, we don’t entirely agree. Windows vary greatly in terms of features, energy efficiency, functionality, and of course, security.   Read More

How Home Automation and Security Can Work Together

Integrating our security management system into home automation is one of the most fascinating aspects of what we do at FBS. Here’s how we can help you build the best home automation and security system you’ve ever seen. Read More
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