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The Complete Guide to Hurricane, Security, and Ballistic Windows

Many people don’t know the difference between hurricane windows versus security windows versus ballistic (or bulletproof) windows. Many have been told that their hurricane windows are also security windows, which is oftentimes not the case because there are different requirements to meet each certification. To set the record straight, we wanted to outline the differences between the three types of windows: hurricane, security, and ballistic. Here’s what makes them different, how the tests for each certification differ, and why those distinctions matter.    Read More

Designing the Luxury Home of Your Dreams

Every day at FBS, we’re working with clients, architects, and interior designers to help create luxury homes unlike any other. We may not be creating floor plans or choosing color palettes, but we believe that our part — assisting with the doors and windows — plays a major role in luxury home design.  Whether you’re looking for unmatched craftsmanship or security doors and windows that will keep anyone and everything uninvited out of your luxury dream home, we can make that happen. To assist our clients in this quest, we have a team of architectural designers that can take any and all of your requests and requirements and turn them into a work of art.  Read More

Insider Look: How Home Security Doors and Windows are Made

The artisans who build our products in Italy have decades of experience creating custom security doors and windows that are elegant and inspiring. We guarantee they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We’re so proud to work with them, we wanted to highlight why we love their work so much — and why we’re sure you’ll love it, too. Read More

How to Make Your Smart Home Brilliant and Secure

Very few people were doing the work we were doing back in the 1990's — in large part because the technology experts had no idea what clients in luxury homes needed. Similarly, very few people are doing what we’re doing now with home security doors and windows, and how we integrate them into smart homes. Most security doors and windows are effective, but ugly and difficult to use. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating beautiful products that are also effective.  Read More
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