Single, Double and Arched Custom Doors for Luxurious Homes

Single, Double, and Arched Custom Doors for Luxurious Homes



A luxury home should make a striking first impression, and your home’s doors are a key part of how it’s perceived. However, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, your doors need to be able to protect you and your property. Find out how you can achieve both goals with custom single, double and arched doorways.

Single Custom Security Doors

No two luxury homes are the same, and your front door needs to reflect your home’s identity. Adorning your home with a luxury door creates a strong first impression of your home and the people who live in it. Your door should reflect everything you want your home to be. It could offer a warm welcome or make a bold statement that captivates those who enter. You can protect your home while decorating it simultaneously with a single custom security door.

Single doors are easily customizable, and luxury single custom door designs don’t have to compromise strength or security. By investing in custom single doors for high-end residences, you can still be proud of your home and feel safe living in it. 

Your single custom security door can feature intricate and ornate designs or boast exquisite coverings and handles to stand out. There are many ways to make your single front door outstanding in appearance and security.

Double Custom Doors

Both front doors and the doors within your home should reflect your tastes while providing security, and double custom doors are another option for your luxury home. These doors are a stronger and more versatile option than you might think. 

High-end double entry doors for homes are well suited for bedrooms and give them a sense of grandeur and importance. Your bedroom should feel like your own personal sanctuary, and custom security doors can provide peace of mind while reflecting your preferences. Whether you choose a glass, wood, concrete, metal or natural stone finish for your double doors, you can sleep peacefully in a room with a door as stunning as it is durable. 

Double doors with elegant finishes for homes are also a great choice for front doors and are just as effective at providing security as single doors. Double front doors with intricate designs make for a grand entrance to your luxury home. They make guest arrivals feel like a special event and imply that you want more guests to visit. There is a unique charm to them that makes your home feel sophisticated and welcoming. Double doors also allow more light, provide easy access and are energy-efficient. If your double doors have a tight seal, they can greatly reduce heat loss and air infiltration.

While they are synonymous with bedrooms and main entryways, there is so much more you can do with a custom, luxurious security double door. For example, you can elevate a screened-in patio, use glass doors to separate a bedroom from an attached bathroom, or have double doors lead to your backyard. 

Arched Custom Doors

Custom arched doors for luxury residences are some of the most striking. With arched doorways, the top of the door flows into the sides of the door, creating a seamless and gorgeous entryway. When used as a front door, they can improve curb appeal, making them a fantastic investment for homeowners. They also look beautiful when placed side by side, so if you want to install multiple doors next to one another — such as to provide multiple entrances to a pool deck — arched doors are an excellent option. 

A luxurious arched entry door for houses can be both safe and stunning. You can take pride in your home’s appearance while enjoying reliable protection. Arched entry doors for luxury home exteriors also add architectural character and versatility, adding to your home’s uniqueness. This style of door suits any style, from minimalism to maximalism. It’s an eye-catching feature that blends into any design and architectural style. Make your luxury home your dream home with a custom yet secure arched doorway that will be the talk of the town.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Single, Double or Arched Custom Security Doors

When choosing a custom security door for your luxury home, you need to consider several factors, including: 

  • Infill quality: Infill materials give your door an added layer of protection. These materials protect against forced entry and significantly enhance your home’s security. High-quality infill materials like fiberglass and steel are your best choices.
  • Door materials: The material your door is made of matters. When making your choice, be sure to understand the pros and cons of each material and to determine which materials match your intended aesthetics. You’ll also need to get specific — if you are choosing wood, for example, make sure you know exactly which wood you want.
  • The door’s finish: Security door finishes come in various materials, such as glass, wood, laminate, metal, concrete, stone, leather and terracotta. Take your time considering your choices before finalizing your custom door decision.
  • Door components: Handles, hinges and accessories can significantly enhance door aesthetics and functionality. For example, security door hinges are much stronger than regular door hinges. Additionally, door handles or knobs should be easy to use while complementing your door’s custom design.
  • Door configuration: Planning how your doors will open is essential, and you’ll need to ensure enough space for your door to be useable. For example, can your bathroom door be opened all the way without bumping into cabinets or appliances? Door configuration is also a safety consideration. Most people prefer that bedroom doors open inwards because this means the hinges are on the inside, and outside people cannot tamper with them. 
  • Technology: You can also enhance your luxury security door with technology upgrades. You might add motorized locks, automation that allows your doors to unlock as you approach or facial recognition software. These advancements increase security without being obtrusive. 

Design the Perfect Door for Your Home 

FBS can provide you with the interior and exterior security doors of your dreams. We specialize in creating protective doors that are simultaneously stunning, striking the perfect balance between security and beauty. The custom doors of your dreams will keep your dream house safe — that’s what sets our doors apart.

We can provide luxury homes from South Florida to Los Angeles with the highest quality security solutions. Single, double and arched custom security doors are only part of what we do. Contact us and explore our range of doors to learn how we can enhance your home’s style and security.


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